October 30, 2008

Referee Tackles Quarterback

The Carolina Gamecock's quarterback gets tackled by a referee during football game...

Ludacris Music Video - 'Roll Out'

A classic.

Obama Biden Infomercial - 30 mins

Here's the full version of the Obama Biden commercial shown to the nation last night, October 29th, 2008.

October 21, 2008

Tay Zonday sings 'Chocolate Rain'

A classic. We could all learn something from Mr. Zonday.

A Wet Wedding

This poor guy. He wont live this one down for a long, long time. I wonder how he explained this at the dinner???

October 14, 2008

Message to Wall Street . . .

Couldn't have put it any better . . .

October 12, 2008

Blue Angels Airshow

Video below of the Blue Angels airshow, in San Francisco this weekend. This video is a few years old, but great footage of the jet skimming the Bay.