September 5, 2007

UPS Hybrid's

The EPA and UPS have unveiled "the most fuel-efficient and cost effective delivery vehicle in the world", a stylish UPS delivery truck powered by a hydraulic hybrid propulsion system:

According to the EPA, the hydraulic hybrid technology can increase fuel efficiency by 60-70% in urban use and lowers greenhouse gas emissions by 40% compared to UPS’s conventional diesel delivery trucks. The system was developed in concert with leading automotive engineering firm, FEV Engine Technology, Inc. (FEV).

FEV worked with the EPA to design, simulate and analyze the hydraulic systems and components, and fabricated the power train system and components that are used to store energy, in contrast to electric motors and batteries used in electric hybrid vehicles. Results of testing and analysis show that this technology has the potential to save more than 1,000 gallons of fuel each year in delivery and other service vehicle applications.

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