August 8, 2007

Barry Bonds - New MLB HR King

Last night, Barry Bonds hit record breaking HR #756 to pass Hank Aaron on the all-time MLB homerun list. He did it at home in San Francisco - and I was supposed to be there. My girlfriend had tickets to the game, not any tickets, box seats!!!! Unfortunately, last night was also the opening of the show 'Avenue Q' and we passed on the game. Big mistake. Apparently some of her co-workers (in the box) eneded up selling their ticket stubs to someone in the box next store for $200/each. What a bummer . . . one of life's biggest regrets . . . so far.

Below, Matt Murphy, the lucky SOB who ended up with the ball . . . and a video below that, depicting the chaos that occured in the center field bleachers.

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