April 28, 2007

Hogzilla: The Movie

Hogzilla is about to get even bigger. The legendary hog, shot and killed by some honkey in the Georgia backwoods back in 2004, is the topic of a new independent film. Lithium Productions has confirmed that they are producing a horror movie about the super swine called "The Legend of Hogzilla," and have even enlisted the beast's killer on the set as an adviser. Wow. I can't wait to see this one - who do you think will play the giant swine????

The Hogzilla story:
A National Geographic team confirmed the pig's existence in 2005 after exhuming the behemoth's remains. While the experts said the hog didn't exactly live up to the hype — local hunters said the pig was 12 feet long and weighed 1,000 pounds — they still discovered a mighty big hog. They estimated it weighed around 800 pounds and was probably about 8 feet long.

SOURCE: SFGate.com, 4/28/07

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