April 30, 2007

Oakland Freeway Collapse

Below is a live video of the fire that brought down a freeway ramp linking I-80 to I-580 across the Bay in Oakland, CA. A tanker truck carrying 8,600 gallons of gasoline had overturned at 3:41 a.m. and burst into flames on the 50-foot-high ramp connecting westbound Interstate 80 to southbound Interstate 880. Within minutes, the ramp above it -- connecting eastbound I-80 to eastbound I-580 -- collapsed in the 3,000-degree cauldron. The result - a traffic nightmare. Sources believe it may be up to a year before the ramp can be fully replaced.

SOURCE: SFGate.com, 4/30/07

April 28, 2007

Golden State Warriors? Yes

Golden State Warriors 109
Dallas Maveriskcs 91
(Series 2-1 Warriors)

There is a new force in the West - and it's not Google. Game three is Sunday in Oakland, 7 p.m. TNT, FSNBA, 680. Go Warriors!

Hogzilla: The Movie

Hogzilla is about to get even bigger. The legendary hog, shot and killed by some honkey in the Georgia backwoods back in 2004, is the topic of a new independent film. Lithium Productions has confirmed that they are producing a horror movie about the super swine called "The Legend of Hogzilla," and have even enlisted the beast's killer on the set as an adviser. Wow. I can't wait to see this one - who do you think will play the giant swine????

The Hogzilla story:
A National Geographic team confirmed the pig's existence in 2005 after exhuming the behemoth's remains. While the experts said the hog didn't exactly live up to the hype — local hunters said the pig was 12 feet long and weighed 1,000 pounds — they still discovered a mighty big hog. They estimated it weighed around 800 pounds and was probably about 8 feet long.

SOURCE: SFGate.com, 4/28/07

April 27, 2007

Learn to dance like G.W.

C'mon - give the guy a break - he's from Texas.

Top 10 skits from JACKASS

Check out this list of crazy (sometimes nauseating) pranks from the MTV show 'Jackass.'

Courtesy of www.Cracked.com (click or copy/paste link below)


April 22, 2007

PayPal Merchant Services

Thanks for four great months! I'm gonna miss the crew at PayPal. Stay in touch.
(Pics taken from team trip to Great America, April 2007)

April 21, 2007

Barry Bonds - Greatest Ever???

Here's a great 2 miniute video highlighting all of Barry Bond's milestone home runs. #1, 100, 200, 300 etc.

I don't care what anyone says, Barry Bonds will go down as one of the greatest hitters in baseball history. There's not a drug on this planet that can make you hit homeruns like Barry Bonds.

Alec Baldwin - Phone Call to Daughter

Alec Baldwin fly's off the handle leaving a message for his daughter . . . What's the big deal? It was pretty obvious he was a douche bag already.

April 18, 2007

Legends of the Game - Golf Video 2006

Gather around - it's time for a golf lesson . . .

*Video taken from Lincoln Park Golf Course, San Francisco CA, 8/31/06

My Summer Resolution

This summer it's time for me to get back into shape. My ultimate goal - to develop into a lean, mean, chiseled machine. Or as close to this guy as possible:

"The Landlord" Starring Will Ferrell

Here's the short 2 minute viral video making it's way around the internet featuring Will Ferrell and his foul-mouthed landlord. Enjoy!

April 16, 2007

Top San Francisco Eats

When in San Francisco, eat where the locals eat. Here is a short list of some of the better places to pig out here in city:


Sushi Bistro

445 Balboa Street @ 6th Ave.
5pm-11pm Monday-Saturday



Birley's Sandwiches

4 Embarcadero Center,
Street Level
7am-5pm Monday-Friday
10am-3pm Saturday



Taylor's Refresher

1 Ferry Plaza @ Embarcadero (in the Ferry Building)
10:30am-8:30pm Monday-Sunday


Classic American (Old School)

Sam's Grill

374 Bush Street
11am-9pm Monday-Friday




Pier 47 @ Jefferson Street
11:30am-10pm Monday-Sunday


"It Pays to Have Pals"

This New York Times article says it all - "It Pays to Have Pals." Check it out:


April 15, 2007

The Wonderful World of Disneyland

Just got back from a wonderful weekend in the happiest place on earth - Disneyland. Still brings back memories. Aside from the long lines, screaming children and an overload of sugar - it's still a lot of fun. The best rides are still the classics - Pirates, Haunted House and Space Mountain.

Steve McQueen - Famous Car Chase from Movie 'Bullitt'

Steve McQueen's "Bullitt" car chase sequence (1968), 10:36: The best car chase ever has several postings on YouTube, but this one includes the important 3 1/2 minutes before the actual chase, where the tension mounts between Steve McQueen in the Mustang and his enemies in the Dodge Charger. San Franciscans will notice that the chase keeps jumping back and forth between Potrero Hill, Pacific Heights, Visitacion Valley and Russian Hill -- before the cars magically teleport one last time from the Marina District to Daly City. For those who don't know, Steve mcQueen was an American movie actor/amateur race car driver, nicknamed "The King of Cool". He was one of the biggest box-office draws of the 1960s and 1970s.
SOURCE: SFGate.com, 4/15/07

White & Nerdy

Stephen Colbert stars in this remake of the classic Bone Thugs N' Harmony track. Very, very funny. (for more on white rappers - check out Martha Vineyard's underground group, 'P-Unit' from my December 26th, 2006 posting).

April 11, 2007

No Laughing Matter

Marissa Mayer, VP Search Products & User Experience at Google, has an interesting laugh - you judge - is she a robot or just a HUGE nerd???
*she does get bonus points in the looks dept . . .


First up, Larry Ellison's $100 million+ Japanese estate (community) in beautiful Woodside, Ca.

Eddie Murphy's Beverly Hills manor . . .

Oprah's sprawling estate in Montecito, Ca (near Santa Barbara)

J-Lo's monster pad in Beverly Hills, Ca

Will Smith's rather large Calabasas, Ca home

Jerry Seinfeld's ranch in the Hampton's

The late Aaron Spelling's monster mansion in Beverly Hills, Ca

April 10, 2007

Living in the Ci-tayyy

Finally moved in. Here are some early shots of my 1 bedroom apt in San Francisco. Moved in April 1st. 10 minute walk from Caltrain station, 17 min walk to the ballpark.

The $1 Salary

One of my favorite blogs, Valleywag.com (the valley's people magazine), posted an interesting and well-written answer to why so many of today's CEO's are taking advantage of the $1 dollar salary. It makes sense - it all comes down to taxes (and some clever PR).

"It's proxy season, which means it's time for the CEO's spin-critters to spotlight the boss' modest salary -- only one dollar -- in the hope that idiotic business reporters miss the lavish stock grants, the fat pension package, and luxurious perks. Which they usually do. Apple's Steve Jobs started the fad for token salaries; it's been taken up by Eric Schmidt of Google, and the search engine's two founders; and even Yahoo's old-school boss, Terry Semel. So self-sacrificing? Well, not at all.

Tech stocks are more volatile than the market as a whole, which means that stock options are worth more than in other industries; they form the bulk of an executive's compensation; the salary is an irrelevance. The token salary looks good in the press briefing; even if the rest of the package is obscene, it's too complex for reporters to arrive at a shocking headline figure.

But here's the main reason Valley executives, and their flacks, should shut up about the one-dollar base: it's a tax dodge. Stock option gains are taxed, typically, as capital gains; the federal tax rate on that is 15%. If that same value was paid as orthodox salary, it would be taxed at 35% at the margin. The token salary is a creature of the Bush tax cuts, which so shifted the fiscal burden to earned income. And it is a reminder that the stock-option-rich executive class is taxed at about half the rate of the wage slaves. That's grotesque. By all means play the tax laws; but don't draw attention to the fact."

SOURCE: Valleywag.com, 4/10/07

April 9, 2007

SF Chronicle, List of Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants

Last week the San Francisco Chronicle released their annual list of the Bay Area's top 100 restaurants. Also quite possibly the Bay Area's most expensive (and most crowded).


Old Abandoned Amusement Park . . .

VideoJug.com . . . How-To Video's

VideoJug is every aspect of life explained and illustrated through informative, helpful and entertaining videos. Learn how to bake a cake, give an Indian head massage or learn to 'wet' shave (not interested). Topics include health, beauty, food, pets, house & garden and the most useful of them all - drinks. Much more helpful than reading out of a book. Videos are worth a billion words.

Informative for those visual learners out there.


April 8, 2007

Test Drive the New Ferrari 599 GTB

Here's a video of the new Ferrari 599 GTB and a Ferrari 550 Maranello racing thru the Italian Countryside . . .

Boom Shaka-la-ka!!!

Here's some classic NBA footage from the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk Championship. Standing just 5 feet 7 inches tall, Spud Webb of the Atlanta Hawks, pulls off one of the greatest upsets of all time . . .

. . . speaking of slam dunks - here's video featuring 10 of Michael Jordan's best. The last one - rebounding Scottie Pippen's missed free throw - is a gem. Enjoy!

April 6, 2007

MR. Barbershop for Men - Open in SF

I had this idea a few years back - glad to see someone has finally opened one - a barbershop exclusively for men. MR. - which opened last month in San Francisco's Financial District - is an unusual startup that combines upscale men's barbering with a bar and lounge. TV, liquor and and hair cut - pretty sweet.

Name: MR. Barbershop

560 Sacramento St
San Francisco, CA 94111

Phone: 415-291-8812

SfGate.com Article about the place:

Britney's Pad in Malibu, CA

Britney Spear's is selling her 9,200 square foot adobe Malibu estate. Listing price: $11.99 million (recently reduced). Half of which goes to K-Fed.

April 5, 2007

SF Mayor Gavin Newsom caught in the act!

Yes, the hormones have taken over Gavin Newsom's body again . . . here he is caught in a picture simulating oral sex with a microphone. Gavin - buddy - is that how you got elected in SF????

Bad PR.

IAC's New Manhattan Campus

My former employer, InterActive Corp. has just opened up their brand new, Frank Gehry designed (designed LA's Disney Music Hall) skyscraper in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. IAC is the parent company for a host of online websites such as Ask.com, Citysearch, Evite, College Humor and Ticketmaster.com. Very cool looking - almost (I said almost) wish I was still working for them . . . psyche!!!!!

Video of the new building is located below. Enjoy!

Guide to the Googleplex

Here's a Google Maps view of the 'Googleplex' (corporate headquarters located in Mountain View, CA)

Copy and paste this link into your browser's window to view:

Bird Diapers - The Next Big Thing

One of the coolest products I've ever seen - got a call from a merchant today selling Bird diapers. That's right - plastic panties for parrots.

Very interesting . . . pictures are priceless!

Check out the website: http://www.wandascrittersetc.com/


Finally . . . GodTube.com utilizes Web based technology to connect Christians for the purpose of encouraging and advancing the Gospel worldwide. Hallelujah!


Star Wars Kid

This video never gets old . . . poor kid. He must have taken quite a few beatings for this.

Ferrari Enzo - Crashed by Actor/Comedian Eddie Griffin

This $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo was being used in a promotion for an upcoming Eddie Griffin (who the hell?) comedy. The Ferrai was owned by the movies Producer . . . watch the video. What the heck was he thinking - did he forget to turn right???? Damaged beyond repair - tragic.

Donald Trump's Office View . . .

Not bad Donald. But how do you ever get anything done with a view like that out your window??? Look how much crap he has - his office is full of trinkets!

April 4, 2007

Keith Richards . . . huh?!!!

So maybe Keith Richards isn't as hardcore as we thought he was.

Just hours after the Internet lit up with his claim that he'd snorted the ashes of his own father mixed with cocaine, his manager told MTV News that, sadly, it wasn't true. According to Jane Rose in an e-mail message, Richard's dad-ingesting comment was, "Said in jest ... Can't believe anyone took [it] seriously."

Yesterday, Richards added to his own self-medicating legend by telling NME, "The strangest thing I've tried to snort? My father. I snorted my father. He was cremated and I couldn't resist grinding him up with a little bit of blow. My dad wouldn't have cared ... It went down pretty well, and I'm still alive."

Justin TV - so addictive . . .

You've probably read about it by now . . . this kid Justin (from SF) has strapped a video camera to his head 24 hrs. a day and is streaming live video of his daily activities (including sleeping) to a website for all to enjoy. Beware - it's addictive.