March 24, 2007

Napoleon: On Duty

Here's Napoleon hard at work guarding the estate. His other job's include chasing squirrels, chewing on bones and digging for moles in the garden (all jobs assigned to him by his mother).

March 20, 2007

New Grand Canyon Observation Deck

Check out the new glass-bottomed observation deck going up at the Grand Canyon....

'Indian leaders and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin awaited their chance Tuesday to walk beyond the edge of the Grand Canyon during opening ceremonies for a glass-bottom observation deck that lets tourists gaze deep into the chasm.

Hundreds of invited guests gathered at this remote reservation to dedicate the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a horseshoe-shaped structure that extends 70 feet beyond the canyon's edge with no visible supports above or below.

For $25 plus other fees, up to 120 people at a time will be able to look down to the canyon floor 4,000 feet below, a vantage point more than twice as high as the world's tallest buildings.'


March 17, 2007 - Fax, Copy & Scan with your Phone

Now you can scan, copy and fax right from your cell phone. Check out for more information. They have developed a new, slick looking application that run's on your cell phone. Apparently it captures clear scans of just about anything - whiteboards, contracts - even business cards. Best part: it's FREE.

The company recently announced a $4.65 million Series A round of funding from Trinity Ventures and Thomvest International - so you can bet you'll be hearing more about them soon.

Travel Predictions -

For a different spin on travel - check out - lets users see predictions on where travel fares are headed. Basically, it tells you whether or not you should by your ticket to San Francisco now or wait a few days and save some money.

' is the first airfare prediction website. We help online travel shoppers save money by answering the question; should you buy now or wait? In our beta version, we now offer airfare predictions from over 75 U.S. departure cities to top domestic destinations.'

Gumby's 50th Anniversary

I’m excited to hear that, in celebration of Gumby's 50th Anniversary, all 200+ Gumby episodes will be available free, in their entirety on YouTube, AOL and other video sites. Each episode has been digitally remastered by Art Clokey, the son of Gumby creator Joe Clokey. Cool.

March 12, 2007

Snow + Sunshine + Girlfriend = Paradise

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Thanks to the Baker's for letting Melissa and I use their Lake Tahoe house this weekend. Spent Sunday skiing Diamond Peak and got 12 runs in before lunch!!! Weather was great. What could be better - skiing, sunshine and spending time with a Princess.

March 4, 2007

Arizona Prevails Again

Saturday afternoon 3/3, Arizona beat Stanford 85-80 in a thrilling overtime win to end the regular season. Up 19 points at halftime 41-22, Arizona imploded in the scond half, allowing Standord to tie it up with a hail mary 3-pointer at the buzzer.

In overtime it cam down to free throws and one man, Ivan Radinovich. In his last regular season game (senior), Ivan pulled down 37 points, 9 boards and 7 assists, 11-11 from the free throw line and NO personal fouls. That put Arizona back on top, completing a regular season sweep of the Stanford Cardinal.

University of Arizona Wildcats 2007 season record - 20-9.

Go Cats!!!