February 28, 2007

Siberian Huskies

Is their a puppy on the way??? Stay tuned . . .

February 25, 2007

Taxi Cab Dilemma . . .

What's the dilly-yO? Why can't taxi cabs adhere to one simple rule . . . turn your light ON when your open for fare - shut it OFF when you have passengers. How hard can it be??? It doesn't seem like many cab drivers in San Francisco follow this rule.

MY SUGGESTION: A simple red light tied into the taxi's meter system. When the meter's running, the red light shuts off. Pretty simple heh? A red light would signal to everyone that the taxi is empty and open for fare. When the light is off, everyone would know that the taxi is unavailable. Seems like this would save everyone a lot of time (and patience).

February 23, 2007

Happy B(elated)irthday Katie!

My little sister Katie turned 23 yesterday, February 22nd. Now she's off to Las Vegas for a weekend of sin. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (unless rumors make it onto my blog). Much Love.

February 22, 2007

Kangaroo Video

Hillary Clinton eh!

If this woman even comes close to becoming President of the United States . . . I'm moving to Canada.

Would you work for this company???

February 21, 2007

Fogarty Winery - Great Local Wine

For a variety of award winning local wines, check out the Thomas Fogarty Winery located at the top of Woodside Rd. right here on the Peninsula. The views from the winery are worth the trip even if you don't drink wine.

For more information about tours, events, joining the Fogarty Wine Club or ordering wine's for home delivery, contact Melissa @ (650) 851-6778 or melissa@fogartywinery.com. Enjoy!


February 18, 2007

Moving to SF April 1st

It's final. I'm moving up to San Francisco April 1st!!!!!! Put down a deposit Saturday on a 1BR/1BA apt. in the SOMA/Mission Bay area. The complex, called Metro @ Showplace Square, has about 140 units and is just blocks from the ballpark, freeways, Caltrain and downtown.

The Perks:
-Brand new construction (opened 9/06)
-In unit washer & dryer
-Bamboo wood floors
-Granite counter tops & stainless steel appliances
-Private Patio (BBQ????)
-Convenient access to Caltrain & freeways
-Includes a parking space (plenty of additional parking around building)

Feel free to stop by next time you're in the cit-aaay.

February 11, 2007

Looking for Love . . .

Hi. My name is Napoleon. I'm a Jack Russell terrier. I live with my mommy and a host family (and an annoying cat). I'm single and am looking for someone to chase squirrels, dig for moles and share my bones. I work long hours guarding the driveway and need someone to relax, clean my private areas and help me beg for food. If interested, please leave your 'scent' around the front gate.

*Please no poodles, pugs or cats - of any kind.