January 5, 2007

Sports Gambling: Playing it Safe

Dr. Bob - as he's known throughout the world of Sports Gambling, is one of the world's most influential sports handicappers. In a busines full of flaky, shady characters, this local San Franciscan has made a name for himself.

This article ran this morning in the Wall Street Journal. Apprently he's sooo good, major casinos subscribe to his newsletter's and have been known to 'alter' point spreads on games based on his picks (sometimes seconds after his newsletters go out). Wow! The interesting twist to this story is: Smart handicappers may soon discover that it can be just as lucrative to sell their picks as it is to bet them. Imagine making money gambling without ever gambling - it's ingenius! Great story. Kudos Dr. Bob!!!

View the full WSJ article here: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB116796079037267731.html?mod=hps_us_at_glance_most_pop

For more infor on Dr. Bob's newsletter, visit his personal website at:

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